“Being a trusted service provider, we always make sure to maintain complete transparency with our esteemed clients. Also, we never force any user to use our services. The given terms and conditions are applicable for our all online services. Once the user visits our web page, his/her consent will be considered. Hence to avoid all kinds of discrepancies we request users to keep checking the page.


  • The application has a provision of “Registration” in which users will be asked to provide certain details. These details will include your Name, Whatsapp Number, Email Address, Physical Address, and GST Number

  • Once the user provides all the asked details, OTP is sent to the given mobile number. It is done to check the authenticity of the users.

  • Also, a successful Registration demands a processing fee. All the fee amount is mentioned on the website.

  • A payment gateway is incorporated for the processing of payment.

Data Usage

As mentioned, our system captures information (personal) hence you are requested to register only when you are ready to share the details.
We make sure to keep your data secure from unwanted hacks. But in some cases, we may need to share the information which is as below:

  • If the user is getting any issue with third-party API, the data needs to be shared with them

  • In order to share our initiatives, we may share the data for marketing and promotional purposes.

  • Collected data may use to improve the quality of our system.

3rd Party Services

The system is integrated with third-party APIs

SMS API:To check the authenticity of a user through a mobile number, an SMS feature is used.

Payment Gateway API:For the processing of a payment, a third-party payment gateway is used.

Hosting:We have taken the server for the hosting of your website from a third party. Their policies are applicable here. If any data loss happened on the server, the third party shall be responsible for the same.

Please Note:We have signed terms and conditions with the third parties vendors as well.

The system is integrated with third-party APIs

Above mentioned terms and conditions will be governed following the law of Gujrat and all disputes will be handled in the court of Gujrat only.